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ASPO (アジア仕業共同体)によるJBC訪問 The visit by ASPO members

Updated: Jan 20, 2019

ASPO (アジア仕業共同体)会員の皆様が弊社へお越し頂き、ジョホールバルでのビジネス事情やイスカンダル計画等について、色々と意見交流とさせていただきました。

We welcomed a visit by ASPO members from Singapore to visit our office and exchanged views on JB business and the Iskandar project. We look forward to closer collaboration with this prestigious organisation.

ASPO, Asia Support Professional Organisation, has 1000+ members in Japan comprises of accounting firms, law firms, tax advisors etc. In combination, this group reaches over 200+k SMEs and business owners across Japan.

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